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 "Tell your own story before others tell it for you."

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As we await the day when we can gather in person again it is more important than ever to stay connected to our purpose.
Fred Kuwornu is available for Zoom and other platforms events and classrooms 


  • Black Italians Lives Matter

  • MediaDiversityIdentity

  • Documentary Filmmaking

  • Black Italians Digital Culture

  • Racism in Italy&Colonialism 



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March 21        Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY                 March 22       Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY                 March 25        Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY

April 1               University of Toronto (Canada)

April 7               UMass Dartmouth, MA

April 13            University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

April 25            University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Partial List of Higher Institution
Past Lectures-Talks-Screening


Italian Cultural Institute New York


Rhode Island College

SFU Vancouver

Queens University

University of Chicago

Saint Mary Indiana


Georgetown DC

Hamilton College

UC Davis

African American Museum Phila

Southern Connecticut

University Cincinnati

Calpoly Tech

American Catholic University

Colby College


MIA Museum New York


Kansas University

Rutgers University

Bowdoin College


Zurich ETH

Ohio State University

University of Vermont

Temple University

Wash U St. Louis

Coastal Carolina College

Boulder Colorado

University of Virginia

SMU Dallas

Trinity College

Scripps College

Santa Clara

Elon Univeristy

Marist College

University of Oregon

Universiy of Michigan


Wheaton College

University of Alabama

Temple University Campus Rome

Georgetown Firenze

Gonzaga University

UC Irvine


Wesleyan College

Arizona State University

University of Toronto

UC San Diego


UCLA (online event)

Wheaton College (online event)

Loyola University (online event)

Florida State University (online event)

GWU (online event)

University of Guelph (online event)

Hamilton College (online event)

Arizona State University (online event)

Fairfield University (online event)

Towson University (online event)

William & Mary College (online event)

University of Virginia (online event)

University of Pittsburgh (online event)

Simon Fraser University (online event)

Rochester Institute (online event)

Portland State University (online event)

Wake Forrest

Duke University

University of North Carolina

University at Boulder Colorado

Colorado College



Messiah College

University of Georgia

Emory University

Kennesaw University

CUNY New York
Columbia University

University of Arkansas

Marist College



Dartmouth College

Bowdoin College

Southern Conneticut

Bronx Community College

Penn State University

Temple University

Bowie University

American University DC

Goucher University

Loyola Baltimore

San Francisco State University

Santa Clara University

Berkeley University

Southern Methodist University

University of Central Florida

Westchester University

Richmond University



University of San Paolo (Brasil)

University of Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)

University of Bahia (Brasil)

BYU University 

Utah University 

Princeton University 

Colorado College

Brown University 

New York University 

Ohio State University 

University of Toronto 

York University 

Case University

Rochester University

Texas A & M University

Florida Atlantic University

University of California Santa Barbara 

University of California Los Angeles 

University of California Riverside

San Diego State University

University of Las Vegas

Arizona State University

University of Oklahoma

Tufts University

Drew University

CUNY York College

Purdue University

Goucher University

Loyola Baltimore 

 Southern Illinois University

Will & Mary College

James Madison University

Towson University 

Rhode Island College 

University of Scranton 

UVA Amsterdan

University of Wisconsin

Geroge Mason University

Boston University



University of Texas Austin 

Columbia College

University of Chicago

Stanford University

University of California Berkeley 

University of Minnesota 

Middlebury College 

Fairfield University

Emory University

Arcadia University

University of the Arts London Siena College 

Hamilton College

Franklin & Marshall College 

University of Pennsylvania

University of the Arts of Philadelphia

Dickinson College

Gettysburg College 

University of St. Thomas 

Binghamton University 

Hofstra University

Wellesley College

Wesleyan University

Brandeis University

Bucknell University

Smith College

Manhattan College

Marist College

Florida State University 

University of Florida

Scripps College

Chapman University

Loyola Marymount University 



Yale University 

University of Chicago

De Paul University

University of Illinois in Chicago 

University of North Texas 

Mg Gills University 

Concordia University 

Oxford Migration Studies 

University of Reading 

University of Oxford 

Michigan State University 

Miami University 

Oberlin College

Queens College

Hunter College

Truman State University

Georgetown University

University of Maryland




Nazareth College

University of Rochester

University of Santa Cruz

Indiana University

Syracuse University

New York University

Suffolk University

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