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Fred Kudjo Kuwornu is a highly respected and versatile filmmaker, producer, and curator, known for his exploration of the global Black diasporas' experiences, delving into themes such as memory and post-colonialism. In 2024, he was selected by Adriano Pedrosa to exhibit at the Central Pavilion of the 60th International Biennale of Art in Venice.


He holds a MA in Political Science from the University of Bologna and has received prestigious fellowships and grants from institutions including the New York Foundations of the Arts, Open Society Foundations, Africa No Filter (a Rockefeller-sponsored project), and a U.S. Congressional proclamation.


Kuwornu transitioned into documentary filmmaking after two decades in television and radio, inspired by Spike Lee, and established his production company, Do The Right Films, in New York. His debut film, "Inside Buffalo" (2010), explored the story of the African-American infantry combat unit 92nd Division in Italy during World War II, winning numerous international awards and setting the stage for his multi-layered visual style.


Other notable works include "18 Ius Soli" (2012), addressing citizenship issues for children born in Italy to African and immigrant parents, and "Blaxploitalian: 100 Years of Blackness in Italian Cinema" (2016), advocating for diversity in the film industry. His latest documentary, "We Were Here - The Untold History of Black Africans in Renaissance Europe" (2024), continues his mission of challenging assumptions about culture, history, identity, and race.


Kuwornu splits his time between New York, Accra, and Italy, holding citizenships in the U.S., Italy, and Ghana. His works have been showcased in over 400 universities and prestigious museums globally.


President Barack H. Obama Inside Buffalo
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