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"Wado- Black Italiano in New York"

directed by Fred Kudjo Kuwornu

70 minutes

Release October 2022


Valentino Agunu a.k.a Wado, is an Italian-Nigerian multilingual and multifaceted artist, born and raised in Rome, a naturalized U.S. citizen, based in New York. In the Urhobo language, Wado means “well done”.

This is a film about cosmopolitism, identity, and music.

Through the story of his challenge as an artist, searching his sound, the documentary shows, tells, and deepens the stories of his generation of Afro-

Italians. They are born and raised in Italy by African immigrants who don’t have the right of birthright citizenship and they reluctantly emigrate out of Italy to have a minimum of dignity and stability.

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"We Were There. The Untold History of African-Europeans in the Renaissance"

directed by Fred Kudjo Kuwornu

78 minutes

Release 2023


What could the images of Africans portrayed in Renaissance art tell us if they would speak? What was their history? What was the historical social context of the time they arrived in Europe? Were they all enslaved people or servants? The documentary explores the roles of Africans and their descendants in Renaissance Europe in ten European cities as revealed in compelling paintings, drawings, sculptures, and printed books of the period, interviewing scholars of Art History, History, Black Studies, Black activists, and artists. 

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