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Our Story

Do The Right Films Entertainment produces award-winning docs that expose injustice, illuminate the power of community and tell a history seldom told

Do The Right Films connects these documentaries with concrete and innovative ways for diverse audiences to be inspired, educated, and mobilized into action. We are dedicated to developing talented documentary projects that advance underrepresented stories, moving them from the margins to the forefront of mainstream media through high quality, powerful productions.


At Do The Right Films we believe media can transform viewers into active citizens. Through film broadcasts, community engagement projects, transmedia and social media campaigns, Do The Right Films is dedicated to independent filmmaking as a vehicle for education and empowerment.

We are based in Brooklyn one of the most diverse and inspiring  area of the world.


Do The Right Films stands with Black Lives Matter and other movements that are demanding a society free of fear, bigotry, prejudice and racial oppression, calling for justice for Black Americans who have been denied basic rights, access to healthcare, education, jobs and secure futures for themselves and their families for centuries and an end to police brutality and the systemic abuse of power that has led to the deaths of Black Americans. We honor the memory of George Floyd of Minneapolis, Ahmaud Arbery of Georgia, Breonna Taylor of Kentucky and countless others whose lives were unjustly taken. We had always looked to visual imagery to document important stories about the human condition and We will continue to do. 

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